• Tila Jadeed 15ml

    Type: Rub.
    Manufacturer/Distributor: Hamdard
    Generic Name: Tila Jadeed is highly effective in sluggishness,
    feebleness, curvature, shortness and obliquity of
    male organ. For excessive indulgence in sexual acts or other causes nerves, blood vessels and
    tissues lost their elasticity and blood cannot store
    long time in the blood vessels which reduces the
    erecting time and makes the male organ weak.
    Tila Jadeed strengthens the tissue, stimulates the
    nerves and muscles as well as the flow of blood
    in the male organ, thus providing it stiffness and
    full erection. It a150 increases the elasticity of
    male organ.

    ৳ 200.00
  • Tila-E-Jadeed

    Manufacturer/Distributor: A.H Janakalyan
    Generic Name:

    ৳ 4.65