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Alkuli 450ml Syrup

৳140 ৳133  (Per Unit)

450ml SYRUP ALKULI (BUZURI). Versatile unani medicine. Acts as a unique prebiotic, diuretic and febrifuge.

জ্বর, মুত্র বদ্ধতা, মুত্র সল্পতা, ঋতু বদ্ধতা, মুত্রনালির সংক্রামণ, জন্ডিস।

Categories: Herbal

Brand: Hamdard

Type: Syrup

Pack Size: 1S

Alkuli is a time tested modern unani medicine, prepared with Chicory (Cichorium endivia) root & seed, Small Caltrops (Tribulus terrestris), Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) root & seed and others valuable natural ingredients. Alkuli acts as prebiotic, antioxidant, febrifuge, diuretic and also acts as detoxifier and cleanser of liver and kidney. Alkuli relieves inflammation and normalizes body temperature. It is effective in oliguria, urinary tract infection, jaundice, hepatitis and amenorrhoea.


» Pyrexia
» Annuria
» Oliguria
» Amenorrhoea
» Hepatitis
» Jaundice
» It is also very effective to clear the morbid substances from the liver and kidney.

Dosage & Administration: Adults: 2-4 teaspoonfuls 2-4 times daily.
Children: 1-2 teaspoonful(s) 2-4 times daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Contraindication: There is no known contraindication.

Side effect: No significant side effect has been observed in proper dosage.

Precaution:Keep out of reach of the children.

Storage: Store at cool and dry place, protect from light.

Presentation: Amber glass bottle containing 450ml, 225ml & 100ml syrup.

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