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Algin 100ml Syrup

Syrup, Generic Name: Tiemonium Methylsulphate 10 mg/100 ml Syrup.

Tiemonium methyl sulphateis an antispasmodic drug. It reduces muscle spasms of the intestine, biliary system, bladder and uterus. Tiemonium methyl sulphateis indicated for pain in gastrointestinal and biliary diseases and in urology and gynaecology such as gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, dysentery, biliary colic, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, colonopathies, mild cystitis and spasmodic dysmenorrhoea.

Generic: Tiemonium Methylsulphate

Type: Syrup

Pack Size: 100ml

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Information about Algin 100ml Syrup

This drug must not be used in glaucoma (acute pain in the eyeball with disorders of vision), difficulties in urinating (disorders of the prostate or bladder).

Tiemonium Methylsulfate may have some undesirable effects in certain individuals like risk of hypotension and tachycardia especially in case of injection.

Pregnancy: Tiemonium methylsulphate may be used in pregnancy only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio.

Nursing mother: Tiemonium methylsulphate may be used in lactating mother only if it is clearly needed by the assessment of risk benefit ratio.

Precautions should be exercised for treatment of patients with disorders of the prostate, serious diseases of the kidney or liver, cardiac disorders, thyroid disorders, chronic bronchitis and certain gastrointestinal diseases. The risks of visual disturbances can make it dangerous to drive or use machines.


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